This is a tip from a popular G+ post I made in early March. (There is now a better way to add profile notes to Google+.)

Yesterday I found myself looking at someone’s profile and thinking “There’s something I meant to remember about this person but I’ve forgotten what. I wish I had a way to add notes to people’s profiles so I can jot down things I should remember about them.”

If you want to make a note of something they said in a Hangout or a birthday/anniversary or even why you uncircled someone, this could be a solution for you too.

I’ve just found and installed a Chrome extension called Notes Anywhere. With it you can make notes on any web page (like a G+ profile) and when you open that page again, the sitcky note will appear right where you left it. You can even make mulitple sticky notes.

There is also a similar extension called Page Notes, which adds notes but syncs them to Google Docs and across machines. However, you have to click a toolbar button to view the note popup, it does not display automatically.

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Adding Notes to G+ User Profiles
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