In an earlier popular post I showed how to add notes to a Google+ user profile using a couple of Chrome extensions. I’ve recently found out that there is another way, the Google way, which is better to add notes for users in your circles.

By adding notes to your Gmail or Circle Contacts, these notes will be displayed like a contact card for you (only) on your contact’s G+ profile. A massive hat tip to Allen Firstenberg who mentioned this feature on an episode of Google Plus Week from Dan McDermott.

Here are the 3 quick steps to do this:

  1. In Gmail, navigate to your Contacts, and then click on Circles.
  2. Search for the user in your Circles to add a note for, click on the user to open the contact.
  3. Add your notes to the provided fields and click “Save now”, this user will be added to your Contacts with your notes saved, and will also be visible to you on their G+ profile.

Detailed Instructions:

Navigate to your Contacts,







Click on Circles,

Search for the user in your circles you’d like to add a note for
and click their name to open their contact details.

Modify any fields with the information you’d like and then click Save (at the top).

This user will be added to your Gmail Contacts and the info you saved will appear at the bottom of their G+ Profile for your own eyes only.


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The Google Way to Add Notes to G+ Profiles
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