Current projects that we’re involved with:


Technical consultants to KNEEguru for over 10 years, we aided in implementing a new design, re-organisation along with content marketing and social media strategies, resulting in a 25% increase in traffic in the first year. The current phase is add further new features and update the monetisation strategy.




 Leah has been a staunch colleague over the years, working closely with me to add Web 2.0 features to my sites. She always manages to solve every problem that stumps me, and does so with a sense of humour, and is creative with her ideas and implementation. She works hard and displays a high degree of integrity.

~Dr Sheila Strover, Owner/Editor, KNEEguru


UK Yankee

UK YankeeAn expat resource and community, we’ve been involved since it was founded in 1999.

Melskham Tourist Information Center